Real Cash Games vs. Free Casino Games – All You Need to Know

Playing real cash games and playing for free both come with unique pros and cons. The biggest advantage that free casino games have over real money games is that when you play for free, you never have to worry about depositing gambling money in your online casino account.

The biggest downside is that it is impossible to win real money while you play free casino games. If you are wondering whether you should play real cash games or stick with free games, this post gives you a comprehensive guide on how both work.

What is Free Play?

Free play game online casino offers you the opportunity to play casino games for free. That means you play your games with free credit. This gives you the chance to experience online game casino without worrying about losing. It is also the best way to learn the strategies involved in a game.

Many players choose free play when they want to try games they have never played before. Playing a free game prepares you in-game before you put money into real cash games online play. As mentioned earlier, playing for free means you cannot claim any winnings you make from a free game.

What Is Real Money Casino?

With a real cash casino, a player deposits money in their online casino to access games for real money. The deposited money is then used to play real cash games and when you win, you can cash out and withdraw your winning.

Some top casino games you can access on an online casino real money app are online blackjack, roulette, slots, and video poker. Playing for real money gives you a chance to win jackpot prizes from slot machines and table games. You can steadily build your bankroll to play your favorite real cash games and cash out when you win.

What is Different about Free Casino Games?

Most players choose to play for free on a site to try out a casino, its games lobby, and software before moving to play casino games online for real money. It is a simple process because you do not have to set up a deposit and withdrawal account.

You are also not required to download any software and you may not even have to sign up for a casino account before you play free games. If you have already downloaded an online casino play for real money app and created an account with the casino, you can switch to free play whenever you feel like it.

This is especially useful when you want to explore new games on the casino platform before you bet with real money. You can also choose to play free casinos to explore new strategies for games. One thing to know about playing casino games real money for free is that these free games are available only in Flash mode.

Not only that, the games available in free mode are limited and you have a limited time you can play them. One other thing you must know is that you may not be able to try out new games on a casino site if you are not registered on the platform. Additionally, you will be unable to access real cash games if you want only free games.

That means you cannot level up or take advantage of loyalty programs on the casino site. It is also worth mentioning that if you choose to play free online game casino, you may not get the exciting experience and adrenaline-pumping fun that comes with playing for real money.

What does it mean to play for Real Money?

Playing online casino real money offers you the opportunity to win big. One other thing you get when you play for real money is that you enjoy numerous benefits, such as bonuses, promotions, loyalty programs, and more.

Players who play for real money on a real cash casino site also enjoy the adrenaline rush of putting something at stake. This undoubtedly heightens your casino experience. The real cash games online play gives you access to hundreds of games that you can play with bonuses and promotional free spins.

As a real cash games casino player, you can access real money tournaments and competitions, which will give you chances of winning prizes. You cannot get this with games. As a real money player, you are eligible to join the casino’s loyalty program, where you have access to numerous perks.

Real Money vs. Free Casino Games: Which Should I Pay?

Your decision to play casino games online for real money or for free will depend on your goal. Do you want to play games for fun and get the entertainment it offers? Or are you interested in making profits from your gaming adventure, even winning jackpots?

Your answers to these two questions would determine whether to play for real money or for free on a casino site. If you want to play for fun and not worry about losing in a game, then a free game would be your best bet. You do not have to deposit any money and you would not mind if you win your free game and cannot cash out.

However, if your goal is to win decent profits when playing real cash games, then playing for real money is the best choice. Playing free casino games does not come with any risks but playing for real money does. You must manage your bankroll so you do not blow it up in a day.

How to Choose an Online game Casino for Ream Money Gaming

While gambling for real money is fun and rewarding, you have to first cross the hurdle of choosing a good game online casino. The first thing you must consider is the gambling laws in your location. The good news is that you are not limited to the online casinos operating in your home country.

You can explore offshore casino sites that offer gambling services to foreign websites. Before you choose a casino site to play for real money, there are specific things you have to consider to ensure you have a seamless and rewarding gaming experience. Let’s check them out.

  • Licenses and Security

This is the most important consideration when selecting an online casino play for real money gaming site. You should take the time to check the security of the site. How do you do this? Check if the URL of the site has HTTPS:// and a padlock next to the URL on the bar. With this, you can know that your data is safe on the site.

After checking the security, the next step is to check the gambling licenses that the casino site has. Some popular gambling authorities that license gambling services providers across the world include the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

You will find the details of the licenses held by a casino site at the bottom of the website page. If you cannot find it there, check the “about us” section of the site.

  • Game Offering

With an assurance that the casino site you want to play for real money is safe and secure, the next thing is to check the variety of games available. If you already have some games in mind, browse through the game portfolio to check if the casino site has them.

Some casino games real money offer limited games compared to the desktop versions of the casino sites. Therefore, if you are playing on an app, take the time to review the available games on the app before you deposit any money.

  • Check the Available Bonuses

Making the best of all opportunities available to you on a casino site is crucial to your gambling success. Bonuses and promotional offers are great offers that enhance your success at a casino site.

Therefore, take the time to review the bonus offers available on the site. Popular bonuses that you should look out for include welcome bonuses, free spins, loyalty programs, no-deposit bonuses, and first-deposit bonuses.

Other important considerations should be the banking methods and customer support. Check to see if the online casino site has your preferred payment method because without that, depositing or withdrawing money from the platform will be difficult.

Ensure that the customer service on the platform is top-notch. Check the different ways you can contact support services and the time of day they are available. You may also want to read reviews about the casino site to know what users say about them.


Playing real cash games is fun and delivers the adrenaline rush you desire in your game experience. However, you have to be careful. You run the risk of losing money when playing with real money. Except you are lucky, there is a higher chance to lose at a casino game than it is to win. One other thing you should watch out for is gambling addiction. Players can get addicted to casino games, especially when playing with the best online poker app.


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